UDNY Senior Championship 2016

Details of the 2016 Senior Championship draw are shown below.

The rules are as follows:

Each match is best of 3 full sets with a normal tie break being played in the 3rd set if needed. An umpire can be requested if desired by either player.

It is the responsibility of the first named player in each tie to organise the match.

Each round must be completed by the stated dates below, if this isn't achieved then one of the players/teams will have to forfeit the match. Obviously we don't want this situation to arise so please contact me if the date is nearing and you are unable to arrange your match. If it's not possible to get a match played then I will have to adjudicate on who forfeits based on who I deem most responsible for the in-completion of the fixture.

Round 1:            To be played on or before 30 June

Quarter Finals:   To be played on or before 31 July

Semi Finals:        To be played on or before 31 August

Finals Day:          Date to be arranged.


Could the winners email the result as soon as possible to petemcdonough@gmail.com so that I can update the scorecard.


The scorecards are shown below and will be updated as the results come in. Updates will be sent to all entrants automatically. If you haven’t entered this year, but would still like to be updated with the scorecard, please let me know at petemcdonough@gmail.com and I’ll add your name to the Championships mailing list.


Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all.

So, all that remains to say is good luck to you all and have fun. Pete

                                                             Scorecard updated: December 3rd 2016